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Angus King & Eliot Cutler Talk Solutions in Portland

Angus King & Eliot Cutler Talk Solutions in Portland

Angus King frames No Labels' logo.What’s the only thing less popular than Congress? Serial killers, Angus King says. “[Congress] couldn’t pass the time of day.”

The Maine Senate candidate and former governor appeared with former candidate for Maine governor Eliot Cutler and No Labels Co-Founder Bill Galston Friday evening at an event in Portland, Maine to talk to more than 150 people about how to fix a broken Congress.

Citizens in attendance were frustrated with gridlock in Congress.

“I think they’re acting like a bunch of children, basically bullying each other,” Linda Sherwood [left] says. “They’re saying ‘You’re not going to play in my sandbox,’ I just see a lot of childish behavior.”

But tAngus King talks to No Labels citizenshe speakers talked about fixes.

“Nobody gets paid until they work,” Cutler said, saying No Budget, No Pay is just common sense – and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) can influence the future of the bill as the ranking member of the committee that controls the bill’s fate.

Maine people get No Budget, No Pay – and why it is so important to change the infrastructure in Washington. When we polled the entire country, 88 percent supported No Budget, No Pay. But in Maine, 92 percent support the legislation, Bill Galston said.

Citizen Leaders talked about the importance of talking to your members of Congress – making your voice heard – in order to get the legislation passed. "You've got to get involved," Sherwood said.

To get involved right now, click here to contact your members of Congress and ask them to support No Budget, No Pay.Daniel Fairbrother talks No Labels

These kinds of common sense solutions are exactly why people like Daniel Fairbrother [right] are getting involved in No Labels. Daniel has not been involved in political organizations for 61 years.  But he showed up to Friday’s event and is optimistic about what No Labels can do.

“It’s a great organization cause there’s everybody … it doesn’t make any difference what your politics are, what they are for is making the government the way they’re supposed to and work for the people.”

“We’re not Democrats, we’re not Republicans, we’re not independents. We’re citizens trying to make a difference,” Bill Galston said. And together, we can move America from the politics of point-scoring to the politics of problem-solving.

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