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Automatic cuts are inevitable some say

Automatic cuts are inevitable some say

INEVITABLE: "The question in Washington is no longer whether the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester will be implemented: It's when and even if the spending reductions will ever be shut off," Ian Swanson and Alexander Bolton write. A policy that resulted from a broken political process is becoming closer and closer to reality: Ian Swanson and Alexander Bolton for The Hill: With 2 weeks until deadline, $85B sequester is looking inevitable

IGNORING OVER SOLVING: With a perfect storm of major problems looming, Congress is taking some time off. Between now and the automatic spending cuts taking place on March 1, members of Congress will enjoy 10 days of recess. For most Americans, Monday is President's Day. For Congress, it's President's Week. Congress needs to work five days a week in Washington three weeks a month: Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas for The Washington Post: Wonkbook: So many sequester replacements
MORE BIPARTISAN MEETINGS: Reps. Peter Roskam and Peter Welch had an across-the-aisle Valentine's Day as the two got dinner together.  The duo aims to bring "a small group of Members together to have a meal and get to know the other side of the aisle a little better." Hopefully, more members of Congress continue to take a page out of our Make Congress Work! action plan and meet across the aisle more: John Stanton for Buzzfeed: Republicans, Democrats Put Aside Bickering For Valentine's Day Nosh
PROBLEMS IN WASHINGTON: The procedural problems in Congress are being highlighted with Chuck Hagel's nomination for Secretary of Defense. First, the Senate spent a day arguing about the definition of a filibuster is. Next, both Democrats and Republicans tried to position themselves for the best political advantage rather than putting the country first. When are our leaders going to take responsibility and solve the problems facing this country? Ron Fourier for National Journal: 6 (More) Reasons Why Americans Hate Washington
TALKING ABOUT THE PINS: In case you missed it, Michael Steele discussed the problem solvers pin with Rachel Maddow during MSNBC's State of the Union coverage. Click here to watch the video.
THE DAILY BREAK: Rep. Sam Johnson has the most romantic love story in Congress. Johnson spent seven years as a Prisoner of War but his wife never lost hope and set a place at dinner every night for him. Benny Johnson for Buzzfeed: The Most Romantic Story In Congress
ACTION OF THE DAY: Connect with No Labels on Linkedin to continue the conversation on problem solving in Washington. If you do not have an account, click here to create one.
STAT OF THE DAY: Senate Democrats plan to vote on a budget package that replaces the automatic spending cuts with a $110 billion reduction plan, evenly split between tax revenues and spending cuts: David Rogers for POLITICO: Senate Democrats reach sequester deal

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