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Back to gridlock

Back to gridlock

BUDGET BREAKDOWN: After House and Senate leaders met Thursday, there have been very few signs of agreement on the budget. Still, “progress is made anytime you come together,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said. With a government shutdown looming in just 16 days, Congress has little time left to avert a crisis:Mike Lillis for The Hill: No signs of progress after House, Senate leaders meet on government funding
QUESTIONS: Have a question about No Labels? Gov. Jon Huntsman may have answered it.
AGREEMENT ON SYRIA: The U.S. and Russia have come to an agreement on Syria, requesting that the country give up its stockpile of chemical weapons by mid-2014 and allow international inspectors into the country by November. After weeks of disagreement, the two countries are working together to stabilize the Syrian conflict: Michael R. Gordon for The New York Times: U.S. and Russia Reach Deal to Secure Syria’s Chemical Arms
TAX REFORM: While most lawmakers are consumed with international crises and the upcoming fiscal battles, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Dave Camp is focused on reforming the tax code. “Republicans and Democrats, both in the White House and on Capitol Hill, have found common ground on how to revamp the country’s corporate tax code. But the two parties have yet to bridge their gap on whether a reformed code should raise revenue,” write Bernie Becker and Peter Schroeder: Bernie Becker and Peter Schroeder for The Hill: Ways and Means chairman: We’re picking up the pace on tax reform
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STAT OF THE DAY: The unemployment rate for Americans under 25 was 15.6 percent in August, more than two and a half times the rate for those older than 25: Ben Casselman and Marcus Walker for The Wall Street Journal: Wanted: Jobs for the New 'Lost' Generation

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