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A Bipartisan Wager

A Bipartisan Wager

When this year’s NHL Stanley Cup Finals pit our two teams -- the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks -- against each other, we decided reaching across the aisle doesn’t have to be restricted to legislating -– it can be for making mouthwatering, bipartisan wagers as well.

In the spirit of bipartisan camaraderie, we agreed to put our team pride on the line through a wager in which the losing team’s Congressman had to host a lunch featuring some of his region’s signature foods for the other Congressman and his staff.

Both teams played fiercely and there was no shortage of tense moments, but in the end, it was the Blackhawks who took home the cup. After such heated competition, what better way to mend the ice than with a mouthwatering spread of Rhode Island’s finest cuisine: clam chowder, Italian sausage, and Del’s Famous Frozen Lemonade.

In Congress, as in hockey, we believe coming from different sides of the aisle (or the ice) shouldn’t prevent us from working together for all Americans. Finding common ground starts with building trust, and if we’ve learned nothing else from our experience, nothing says trust like clam chowder and frozen lemonade.

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