Daily Dose: Everything

Daily Dose: Everything

EVERYTHING WE HAVE TO DO CAN ONLY BE DONE TOGETHER: "Looking at America from here, makes me feel as though we have the worst of all worlds right now. The days when there were liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats, who nudged the two parties together, appear over. We don't have compulsory voting. Special interest money is out of control, and we lack any credible Third Party that could capture enough of the center to force both Democrats and Republicans to compete for votes there. So we've lost our ability to do big, hard things together. Yet everything we have to do -- tax reform, fiscal reform, health care reform, energy policy -- is big and hard and can only be done together. "A lot of us who love your country," said Johansson, "do not see where change can come from" in America these days. "We see all the barriers you have now to structural and fundamental change. It feels like you've lost your amazing ability to adapt politically." But this country can adapt politically. Let's prove it by passing No Budget, No Pay and the rest of our Make Congress Work! action plan. Read more: Thomas Friedman for The New York Times: Elephants Down Under

ACTION OF THE DAY: Urge Rep. Dan Lungren to hold a hearing in the House of Representatives on No Budget, No Pay. Lungren chairs the committee that holds the future of the bill in its hands. Click here to post a polite and respectful messsage on his Facebook wall

NOT A GIMMICK: "Threatening congressional pay is a new approach to disciplining Congress. Critics call it a gimmick. I think it's because they are afraid it will work. I'm always interested in a better solution, but America is running out of time and patience. Congress simply cannot shirk its duties any more ... Deadlines work. Congress should, too." Read more: Jim Cooper for The Tennessean: Grab Congress by purse strings

STAT OF THE DAY: Reps. Jim Cooper (D-TN) and Steve LaTourette (R-OH) (both cosponsors of No Budget, No Pay) have introduced a budget proposal that is based upon the Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction plan. The plan as designed would save a total of $4.187 trillion over the next 10 years, including $1.2 trillion from tax reform: Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: Cooper and LaTourette Introduce Bipartisan Budget Resolution

BOOK REVIEW: "Vast forests have lost their trees in service of books, magazine pieces and dissertations dedicated to chronicling Washington's dysfunctional political culture. Ira Shapiro took a different route. Instead of lamenting the present gridlock in the capital, Shapiro, a veteran congressional aide turned Washington lawyer, decided to glorify the past. In the 'The Last Great Senate,' Shapiro depicts the end of the 1970s as the conclusion to a golden era of modern American political history -- a period where giants in both parties worked together to produce sweeping legislative achievements. From the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the Watergate scandal to the Panama Canal debate, the Senate wasn't only relevant and functional, it was a central forum." Read more: Jonathan Martin for POLITICO: Book chronicles the 'Last Great Senate'

CORRECTION: Yesterday's Daily Dose incorrectly stated the Stat of the Day. The correct stat is Americans traveled 2.9 trillion miles by truck and car last year.

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