Daily Dose: Hijacked

Daily Dose: Hijacked

HIJACKED: The process for reviewing presidential appointments has been hijacked by hyper-partisanship. The New York Times is on board with reform no. 2 of No Labels' Make Congress Work! action plan: an up-or-down vote on presidential nominations within 90 days: Editorial in The New York Times: Filibustering Nominees Must End

DEATH: Is bipartisanship dead? Things in Washington are certainly bad, but No Labels' constructive reforms can help make government work again -- for all Americans: John F. Harris and Jonathan Allen for POLITICO: Death of bipartisanship has killed the Washington deal
NOW: No Labels Citizen Leader Al Smith of Connecticut says the time is now to work together and pressure our government to work again: Al Smith for The Danbury News-Times: Advocates 'No Labels' way to fix problems in Congress
FIRED: "And I said to my folks, 'If you don't manage to budget, you're going to get fired,'" New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says. No Budget - No Pay is reform no. 1 in No Labels' Make Congress Work! action plan: James Freeman for The Wall Street Journal: Christie to the 1%: Please Occupy New Jersey
STAT OF THE DAY: In 2011, an average of 80 percent of Democrats approved of the job President Obama was doing. Only 12 percent of Republicans agreed. That 68-point partisan gap is the highest during the third year of any president's term: Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake for The Washington Post: Obama: The most polarizing president. Ever.

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