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Daily Dose: Presidential Endorsement

Daily Dose: Presidential Endorsement

PRESIDENTIAL ENDORSEMENT: In his State of the Union address, President Obama endorsed No Labels' proposal for all presidential nominees to get an up-or-down vote within 90 days: Alexander Bolton for The Hill: Reid supports rules change to eliminate filibuster of nominees

SOTU SEATING: 208 members of Congress sat with their colleagues from the opposite party at the State of the Union last night after No Labels supporters sent thousands of letters to Capitol Hill: Andrew Joseph for National Journal: Orgs. Push for Bipartisan Seating at SOTU
PROPINQUITY: It's the age-old psychological idea that physical proximity can make people feel closer to one another. Will the bipartisan seating from last night carry over to the rest of the year? Stephanie Pappas for LiveScience: Election Year Affection? Politicians Cross Party Lines at President's Address
REVIEW: In case you missed the speech, here's a what you need to know from No Labels Co-Founder Bill Galston: Bill Galston forThe Huffington Post: SOTU 2012: An Analysis of President Obama's Speech
ICYMI: The No Labels Anthem by Deborah Cox, composed by Akon, is now available in the iTunes store. Click here to buy it for just 99 cents.

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