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Daily Dose: Rep. Paul Ryan

Daily Dose: Rep. Paul Ryan

REP. PAUL RYAN: The chairman of the House Budget Committee says he would absolutely support the No Budget, No Pay Act. Support is growing: Click here to listen to the recording and skip ahead to 3:18 to hear Ryan talk No Budget, No Pay.

FED UP: Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI) knows Americans are fed up with Congress. "To change Washington, we've got to change these incentives. Members of Congress need to be held accountable for passing a budget resolution and appropriations bills on time. Yet we receive a paycheck even if we don't fulfill this fundamental responsibility," he writes. Reid J. Ribble for The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: For Congress, it should be: No budget, no pay
DISCONNECT: The disconnect between liberal party activists and moderate voters helps explain why Democrats don't perform better in national elections despite larger numbers nationwide: Ruth Marcus for The Washington Post: Democrats must chase independents to win
STAT OF THE DAY: While 23 percent of Americans give their own representatives favorable ratings, only 7 percent think Congress as a whole is doing a good job: Harris Interactive: Job Ratings for Congress Stay Near Historical Lows
HONEST DISCUSSION: Americans need to talk about what government should do in a civilized society. "We must hold politicians accountable, but we must be accountable, too." Editorial for The Arizona Daily Sun: Power is ours to fix government


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