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Dick Lugar vs. Richard Mourdock: A Clear Choice

Dick Lugar vs. Richard Mourdock: A Clear Choice

A CLEAR CHOICE: In the Indiana Republican primary, voters will have a choice between party and country. A choice between Dick Lugar -- and a guy who said "The time for being collegial is past, it's time for confrontation." As Dana Milbank notes, "That's not just wrong; it's unpatriotic." Dana Milbank for The Washington Post: Taking out Dick Lugar

WORRIED ABOUT THE LAME DUCK: Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) is concerned a zombie Congress will destroy Washington in December. Members of Congress who retire or lose reelection will be forced to make decisions wiith large implications to avoid a 'Taxmageddon.' Zombies? Armageddon? Must be 2012: Joshua Green for The Boston Globe: Zombie Congress

BOOK REVIEW: Check out our book review "The House: A History of the House of Representatives," and see how the history of the House has changed over the years: Ed Stewart for the No Labels Blog: Book Review of "The House: A History of the House of Representatives"

STAT OF THE DAY: The jobs numbers came out yesterday -- and while the unemployment rate decreased form 8.2 percent to 8.1 percent, the change largely came from a lack of people searching for work. These numbers will be used as campaign fodder. In reality, they should be used as fodder to create good policy: Mark Lander for The New York Times: Job Numbers Become Instant Campaign Fodder

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Written & edited by Collin Berglund, Joe Mansour and Lauren Gilbert

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