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High Fiving Sen. Collins and Rep. Boren

High Fiving Sen. Collins and Rep. Boren

No Labels is high-fiving Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK) for routinely putting party labels aside to make decisions in their respective chambers during the 2011 legislative session. Collins was the most bipartisan member of the Senate, Boren the most bipartisan of the House, according to a Congressional Weekly study.

“Americans are rightfully frustrated with the gridlock and partisanship so prevalent in Washington these days. I share this frustration,” said Collins, “But I also believe that if you build bipartisan bridges, you can move forward.”

While No Labels does not ask lawmakers to check their principles at the door, America’s leaders must engage more in this spirit of cooperation on things both parties can agree upon. Only then can our country push through the gridlock and move ever-forward.

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