A leadership crisis

A leadership crisis

A LEADERSHIP CRISIS: While most of the media coverage is on the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling and other issues, one thing that does not get covered much is the leadership crisis. "What we are witnessing is the very opposite of leadership, which is the ability to solve seemingly intractable problems by getting above them and redefining them," writes Steven Pearlstein. Our principles of leadership, which are tell the full truth, govern for the future, put the country first, be responsible, and work together, would create leaders in Washington: Steven Pearlstein for The Washington Post: It’s a leadership crisis, stupid

WANTING TO WORK TOGETHER: Ira Shapiro says that the Senate is key in ending gridlock in Washington. "Across the political spectrum, from liberals like Barbara Mikulski, to conservatives like Jeff Sessions, there is a demand for "regular order" -- legislation that results from committee consideration, vigorous debate and the opportunity to offer amendments and to reach principled compromises," he writes. Hopefully, the Senate and the rest of our elected officials remember that they were not elected to finger point but to problem solve: Ira Shapiro for CNN: Senate holds key to fixing Washington
PROBLEM SOLVERS ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: This week, Reps. David Cicilline and Janice Hahn urged their colleagues to join them in the problem solvers group. Click on their names to watch their videos.
WHAT CITIZENS CAN DO: One of the highlights of the Meeting to Make America Work! was the problem solvers telling citizens how to encourage their elected officials to be work across the aisle. "Go up to your representative and ask them why they aren’t involved with No Labels," said Sen. Joe Manchin. Read the rest of Independent Voter Nation's recap here: Mackenzie Krott for Independent Voter Nation: No Labels Promotes Citizen Involvement During New York Meeting
THE DAILY BREAK: Voters trust social media as much as they trust traditional news services, a new survey finds: Bryon Tau forPOLITICO: Survey: Users trust social media as news source
ACTION OF THE DAY: Become a No Labels Digital Leader to spread the word about the movement online -- it only takes 30 seconds a week.
STAT OF THE DAY: The combination of the blind cuts that could hit the armed forces in March plus the prospect of operating under a continuing resolution until the end of the year could cut the Joint Forces by 20 percent this year in comparison to the President's Budget, according to a letter by the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Jeremy Herb for The Hill: Joint Chiefs warn budget issues could create ‘hollow force’
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