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No progress

No progress

NO PROGRESS ON SPENDING CUTS: With less than two weeks until blind, automatic spending cuts come in to effect, both sides of the aisle have entrenched themselves in their positions. Republicans and Democrats are no closer after the most recent proposal and more members of Congress are starting to believe that the cuts will happen.

LACK OF ACCESS: The White House press corps is frustrated by the lack of access it has had to President Barack Obama recently. White House Correspondents Association President Ed Henry said, “There is a very simple but important principle we will continue to fight for today and in the days ahead: transparency." That's why we propose regular news conferences for the president in our \Make the Presidency Work! action planMeghashyam Mali for The Hill: Press corps expresses ‘frustration’ over lack of access to Obama
NEED TO GOVERN FOR THE FUTURE: No Labels Co-Founder Mark McKinnon says it is time for this country to get serious about our growing debt. But to tackle problems like this, lawmakers need to lead. One of the first steps is to acknowledge that there is a problem. Then, leaders must come together and tell the truth, govern for the future, put America first, be responsible and work together to solve that problem: Mark McKinnon for The Daily Beast: Welcome to Debt Anonymous: Why America Needs to Act Now
BEST WEEK IN WASHINGTON: After getting 40 members of Congress to wear the problem solvers pin at the State of the Union address, MSNBC panelist Susan Del Percio said that No Labels had the best week in Washington last week. Watch the video here:Youtube: No Labels has best week in Washington
PRESIDENTS DAY: Happy Presidents Day. Our country has had some great leaders throughout its history. We can only hope today's leaders look back to some of the best examples to find out how to work across the aisle to solve problems.
THE DAILY BREAK: The University of Maryland defeated No. 2-ranked Duke in basketball this weekend, but students in attendance made some headlines of their own with this flashmob during the game: Adena Andrews for CBS Sports: WATCH: Maryland's student section is better than yours
ACTION OF THE DAY: Sign one of our petitions to tell Washington to stop fighting and start fixing.
STAT OF THE DAY: The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index fell from 82.6 to 72.9 in the months leading up to the “fiscal cliff” fight last winter: Chris Cillizza for The Washington Post: The country has a confidence problem and it’s Congress’s fault
Written & edited by Kelsey McLaughlinCollin Berglund and Jack McCullough

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