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Real Leaders Don’t Sign Pledges

Real Leaders Don’t Sign Pledges

We’re days away from August 2, the day America is no longer able to pay its bills. Our leaders have been debating and negotiating for months, but they’ve made no progress on compromise.

The left is still demanding that entitlement programs are not touched, and the right is saying no to raising any new revenues. Neither side is able to give any ground, in part because their hands are tied by single-issue partisan pledges.

So this morning, No Labels Co-Founder and former U.S. Comptroller General Dave Walker appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and called for all elected officials to reject all Pledges but the Pledge of Allegiance.

Walker was joined on by prominent pledge-maker Grover Norquist, whose group -- Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), demands elected officials promise to never vote for increases to net tax revenues, a major force behind the stalemate in Washington over the debt crisis. At the same time, 110 Representatives and 11 Senators have added their names to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee's "Social Security Protector's Pledge." Click here to see which U.S. Senators and which U.S. Representatives have signed the above pledges.

When our leaders make promises to groups besides their constituents, they aren’t able to fully represent the people. Too often, our leaders are unable to do what’s right for the country because they have to honor single-issue partisan pledges.

If our representatives hadn’t signed the ATR and PCCC pledges, they would be been in a better position to compromise now -- and perhaps we wouldn’t be bumping up against the debt ceiling deadline today.

Click here to see what pledges our lawmakers have signed -- and then contact Congress to urge them to honor No Pledge but the Pledge of Allegiance.

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