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Remembering September 11

Remembering September 11

REMEMBERING SEPTEMBER 11: On the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we remember a day that forever changed our country -- but are reminded that regardless of age, gender, race or political party we are, above all, Americans. As cities around the country reflect on the events of that day, we must all remember the bravery and courage shown by those who protected us that day.
SYRIAPresident Barack Obama addressed the nation last night on Syria and what role he thinks the United States should play. The speech received mixed reactions from members of Congress, particularly along party lines. Obama also called for Congress to delay votes on any possible strike against Syria to allow time for diplomacy to work, something that members of both sides of the aisle were pleased to hear.  
BUDGET: December 15 could be a date that Washington starts to pay attention to, as Republicans plan to introduce a bill to keep government spending flowing through that date. "Republican leaders will unveil legislation this afternoon, which the House will debate by Thursday, that would continue appropriations to all agencies and departments flowing at current, trimmed-by-the-spring-sequester levels for the first 75 days of fiscal 2014, which starts Oct. 1," writes David Hawkings: David Hawkings for Roll Call: New Consensus in Budget Wars: Truce Until Dec. 15
STILL CHANCE OF GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Observers already are saying the fiscal fights ahead are going to be a mess. "Republican leadership’s plan to fund the government with a provision attached to a continuing resolution that would defund the health care law is meeting resistance in pockets of conservative lawmakers, who are threatening to oppose a procedural motion that would prevent leadership from bringing the bill to the floor," write Jake Sherman and Ginger Gibson: Jake Sherman and Ginger Gibson for POLITICO: House leaders try to avoid shutdown
THE DAILY BREAK: In the wake of yesterday's iPhone announcement, check out this gallery of gadgets set to come out this fall.
STAT OF THE DAY: The United States spends $16.6 billion every year for counter-terrorism purposes: Drew DeSilver for Pew Reasearch: U.S. spends over $16 billion annually on counter-terrorism

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