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State of the Union: #FixNotFight

State of the Union: #FixNotFight

This is a big night for our movement. While President Obama is addressing the nation, our congressional problem solvers will be proudly wearing their orange No Labels pins.

These 40 courageous leaders have made a commitment to put their country first – ahead of their party. They know that working together is the only way to secure our future.

Our problem solvers are doing their part. We need to support them by spreading our message far and wide.

That’s where you come in. Congress will never move forward unless you demand it. Now is the time to act, while the world is watching.

Will you help No Labels insist that Congress stop fighting and start fixing by sharing our message on Facebook and Twitter right now?

And if you really want to show your pride, you can click here to change your profile picture to one of our orange problem solvers’ pins.

Our movement is succeeding, thanks to the support of millions of Americans. Your action will determine whether we have a Congress that works for us or just caters to political bosses in Washington.

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