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VIDEO: Fix Congress with No Labels

VIDEO: Fix Congress with No Labels

America's problems are real -- and need solutions. We've got some. Share this video with your friends. Tweet it. Post it on Facebook. Email it to your networks. This is important. Ask them to enter their email address to the right of the big red button above to learn more.

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  • February 25, 2012
    By Former Senators George Voinovich (R-OH) and Evan Bayh (D-IN) Unfortunately, both today and while we were in office, Congress has simply been unable to deliver on one of its most fundamental responsibilities -- passing, on time, the spending bills necessary to fund and run the government.
  • March 25, 2012
    Nevins and other No Labels backers tried Sunday to rally local support for the apolitical campaign to stop the gridlock of an unpopular Congress. Formed in late 2010, No Labels organizers boast half a million supporters nationwide, including some members of Congress and many former legislators. The platform centers on requiring Congress to pass timely budgets, reforming the Senate filibuster and encouraging fraternization between the parties.
  • July 25, 2012
    John Rigby
    Louisiana Representative Supports No Labels Proposal to Withhold Congressional Pay for Late Budget and Spending Bills Last week Rep. John Fleming became a co-sponsor of the No Labels-backed No Budget, No Pay Act (H.R. 3643/S. 1981), which will suspend pay for members of Congress should they fail to...

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