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VIDEO: Fix Congress with No Labels

VIDEO: Fix Congress with No Labels

America's problems are real -- and need solutions. We've got some. Share this video with your friends. Tweet it. Post it on Facebook. Email it to your networks. This is important. Ask them to enter their email address to the right of the big red button above to learn more.

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  • March 7, 2012
    Collin Berglund
    "Partisan gridlock at home threatens America’s future and is more controllable than are clashes with global enemies, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates [said] ... “We have lost the ability to execute even the most basic functions of government, much less solve the most difficult and divisive problems facing our country,” he said. “Much of the dysfunction comes down to an unwillingness to put aside short-term partisan gain and ideological purity for the long-term benefit of the country -- above all, an unwillingness to compromise.”
  • July 31, 2012
    No Labels Press
    Late last week Rep. Wally Herger became a co-sponsor of the No Labels-backed No Budget, No Pay Act (H.R. 3643/S. 1981), which will suspend pay for members of Congress should they fail to pass a concurrent budget resolution and all 12 annual spending bills on time.
  • January 4, 2012
    Collin Berglund
    Only eight votes separated Mitt Romney from runner-up Rick Santorum in the GOP Iowa caucuses last night. But Iowa isn't the only place where Americans can make their voices heard. Thousands have signed our Make Congress Work! petition already.

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