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Was he a problem solver?

Was he a problem solver?

WAS HE A PROBLEM SOLVER? No Labels Co-Founder Gary Shapiro called for President Barack Obama to have a problem solving tone during his speech last night. "The president should embrace [the problem solving] approach, not only in Tuesday night's rhetoric, but in tomorrow's action. It may not win him much applause from the hard-line Democrats in post-speech analysis, but it will put him on the path to creating the legacy he must want as the president who got America back on track by solving problems together," he writes: Gary Shapiro for Fox News: President Obama, please be a problem solver in your State of the Union address

NO LABELS COVERAGE: Yesterday was a big day for problem solving in Washington. George Stephanopoulos mentioned the problem solvers pins worn by members of Congress during the State of the Union during his coverage on ABC, we took over MSNBC's #SOTUis page, which gave citizens a chance to highlight what the address means to them, and Sen. Joe Manchin and Rep. Lynn Jenkins appeared on CNBC's post address coverage to talk about ending gridlock in Washington. 
MORE OF THE SAME: Tom Cohen says that last night brought out more of the same from Washington. Outside of a few issues, "President Barack Obama's first State of the Union address of his second term and the Republican response by rising GOP star Sen. Marco Rubio showed how deeply entrenched each side remains in long-held positions. It all portends continued political dysfunction in Washington," he writes. Washington needs to take responsibility and govern for the future of our country: Tom Cohen for CNN: State of the Union brings out more of the 'same old, same old'
WORKING TOGETHER ON VOTING PROBLEMS: President Obama has created the Presidential Commission on Election Administration in order to solve problems with the election system. The nonpartisan committee is led by former staffers on President Obama's and Mitt Romney's campaign teams and "will address the myriad troubles that plagued voters in last year's election." This is the right approach to solve problems, everyone needs to be at the table with everything on the table: Alexandra Jaffe for The Hill: Bipartisan commission to examine national voting problems
SPENDING CUTS WILL HAPPEN: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the automatic spending cuts will likely go into effect on March 1. “It is pretty clear to me that the sequester is going to go into effect ... The majority is going to offer a proposal. I anticipate that we will have an alternative proposal. That, however, doesn’t lead to a solution — that just leads to a couple of votes,” he told reporters. We need our leaders to come together, put the country first and reach a solution for America: Erik Wasson and Bernie Becker for The Hill: McConnell: Sequester will happen
ACTION OF THE DAY: Tell us what you thought about the State of the Union last night on Twitter. Use the hashtag #FixNotFight to join the conversation.
STAT OF THE DAY: After last night, there are now 45 congressional problem solvers. Check out the full list here.
Written & edited by Kelsey McLaughlinCollin Berglund and Jack McCullough

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