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A yawn from Washington

A yawn from Washington


A YAWN FROM WASHINGTON: With the March 1 deadline for the automatic spending cuts fast approaching, lawmakers are leaving Washington for a weeklong vacation. The deadline might not seem as urgent as others because it won’t have immediate effects like a government shutdown or a lowered credit rating, but Americans will feel the effects: Lori Montgomery for The Washington Post: Automatic cuts are getting a big yawn from Washington
THE SILENT FILIBUSTER: Check out this slideshow explaining just what the filibuster is, and how it has changed over the years.
CAMPAIGNING INSTEAD OF LEGISLATING: It’s only a month into the 113th Congress, and already, both Democrats and Republicans are focused on the next campaign. While Republicans strategize about how to take back control of the Senate, Democrats are focused on winning a majority in the House -- but both of these plans put politics before problem solving.
CITIZEN VOICE: No Labels supporter Richard Whiteford wrote a letter to the editor of Daily Local News calling for an end to the gridlock in Washington: “Since Congress can’t govern anymore, it’s time “we the people” to take our government back. As a result, a nonpartisan effort called No Labels is working to bring Congressional Republicans, Democrats and independents together to work on issues facing our country.” Richard Whiteford for Daily Local News: Time for Congress to end the gridlock in Washington
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STAT OF THE DAY: Consumer confidence is up 2.5 points to 76.3, which means more Americans are hopeful and confident about our economy: Sudeep Reddy and Ben Casselman for The Wall Street Journal: Readings Bolster Hope on Economy

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