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In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, gridlock is on the rise, it is not unthinkable for a budget agreement to happen between the House and Senate and student loan rates could lead to a hyper-partisan fight.

Democrats and Republicans can't even agree on baby names!

Washington is at a standstill as no one is willing to reach across the aisle. Citizens around the country may have a wide variety of emotions when thinking about the gridlock, but animals are also showing their frustrations toward Washington.

Without any sort of urgency, the debt-ceiling deal that suspended the borrowing limit for our federal government expired this weekend and the Treasury Department has to now employ ‘extraordinary measures’ to avoid defaulting on our debt. If the story sounds familiar, it’s because it is.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, states are getting redder and bluer, student loan rates are set to double and Problem Solver Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is focusing on doable projects.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, Washington needs to return to regular order, details are emerging from the gang of eight negotiations and the majority of the country is angry with Congress.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, there are budget battles ahead, Congress might be breaking the partisan ice and Republicans are welcoming President Obama's outreach.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, a budget might be passed this year, Mark McKinnon lays out what he wanted to hear from Obama's inauguration speech and party is currently trumping country.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, Reps. Reid Ribble and Peter Welch discuss joining the problem solvers, there is no end in site for the fighting in Washington and tune in tomorrow to watch Gov. Jon Huntsman and Sen. Joe Manchin on Sunday morning talk shows.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, there are mixed feelings about the 113th Congress, calling Congress a clown show is an insult to clowns and Bill Galston says leaders can govern more effectively.

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