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Make the Presidency Work

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, Democrats and Republicans have switched roles from previous filibuster reform situations, Paul Volcker is working to rebuild trust and happy birthday to Problem Solver Rep. Janice Hahn.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, no progress has been made on spending cuts and the press corps in concerned about a lack of access to the President.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, John Avlon says voters want real leadership, Rep. Martha Roby urges members of Congress to find solutions and President Obama is scheduled for his first press conference since re-election.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we talk about across-the-aisle meetings and the fiscal cliff.

Dr. Ami Bera and Rep. Dan Lungren’s race to represent California’s 7th Congressional District is still yet to be called for either candidate -- it’s come down to 184 votes.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we look at our plan to Make the Presidency Work! and how Hurricane Sandy brought the country together.

No Labels Co-Founder Jonathan Miller talks about the Make the Presidency Work! action plan.

Last night we watched the final presidential debate -- and like the last three, the candidates spent much of the time bickering over everything, including the facts. By definition, facts shouldn’t be partisan. Yet to quote an old Scottish writer, leaders in Washington “use statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts -- for support rather than for illumination.”

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we talk about the our Make Congress Work! proposals, No Labels Co-Founder Ron Shaich's speech to the Oregon Business Association, and Sen. Snowe's last few months in Congress.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, the two parties can't agree to the facts, much less how to govern the country, and need to work together to solve problems.

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    What could possibly cause the senators to stay up past their bedtime? The not-quite-yearly but still semi-frequent budget reconciliation.

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