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Maloney Joins the No Labels Congressional Problem Solvers Group

Stands with Colleagues to Find Common Ground on Tough Issues

March 8, 2013

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney has joined the No Labels congressional problem solvers, a group of 50 members of Congress -- Democrats and Republicans from both the House and Senate -- who meet regularly to find common-ground on issues before Congress. The group has been organized by No Labels, a grassroots movement of conservatives, liberals and everything in between, who are committed to a new politics of problem solving.

“Folks in the Hudson Valley are fed up with the partisanship and gridlock that plagues Washington. Although Congress isn’t going to change overnight, I’m committed to working regularly with folks like Representative Hanna to find common-ground on tough issues facing our country,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

“By joining the problem solvers, Sean Patrick Maloney is proving his commitment to working across the aisle to do what’s best for the country,” No Labels Honorary Co-Chair Governor Jon Huntsman says. “This group is truly patriotic -- its members are putting the country first to solve problems.”

“The Problem Solvers group is a big deal,” No Labels Honorary Co-Chair Senator Joe Manchin says. “They can help break the bad habits that have developed in Washington, where people have developed this attitude that you’re only worth talking to if you’re on my team – the Ds or the Rs. We’ll prove that ultimately, we’re all on the same team.”

"New York needs more leaders like Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney who put country before party and govern for a future beyond the next election," Ron Tobias, Leadership Council of Westchester No Labels says. "The Westchester chapter of No Labels has 450-plus members, all calling on our elected officials to put problem solving first. Congressman Maloney is doing just that by joining the No Labels problem solvers group and we thank him for his effort."


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