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Voinovich joins No Budget, No Pay effort

By Joe Hallett

April 24, 2012

Former U.S. Sen. George V. Voinovich, an Ohio Republican, tonight will conduct a town hall teleconference to discuss solutions to the nation's dysfunctional budget process.

Voinovich will join members of No Labels, a bipartisan government reform group, in advocating a so-called "No Budget, No Pay" bill that would withhold pay from members of Congress until they pass a new federal budget.

Known for his no-nonsence approach to government as Cleveland mayor, Ohio governor and a U.S. senator, Voinovich frequently has decried the continual partisan gamesmanship that has kept Congress from making progress for the country.

"The budget and appropriations process is broken today, as it was when I was in office," Voinovich said in a statement. "We need to force Congress to be accountable for the budget and spending deadlines it sets for itself, and that is precisely what the No Budget, No Pay bill will do. This bill already has more than 50 co-sponsors and has received a full hearing in the Senate, which means this has some real legs."

Former Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican and co-founder of No Labels, said that Voinovich "understands that fixing the budget process requires tough decisions and a commitment to working across the aisle. He offers a valuable insider perspective on how to make Congress work...(and) has exhibited the kind of leadership No Labels expects from our politicians."

For information on how to participate in Voinovich's 7 p.m. town hall teleconference visit:

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