Throughout American history the best and most durable solutions were found when our leaders worked across the aisle. We needed buy-in from both parties to pass civil rights in the 60s, reform our tax code in the 80s and balance our budget in the 90s – and we need it again today to solve the current problems facing our country. Until recently, there was no regular forum for these leaders to come together and have pragmatic, fact-based discussions on our nation’s most pressing challenges.

The No Labels Foundation (NLF) is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to facilitate and promote this badly needed collaboration. Our goal is to convene leaders, across party lines and at all levels of government, to provide fact-based educational programming that promotes trust and collaboration.

Since 2010, No Labels has not just built and sustained, but substantially grown, this platform for leaders – Democrats and Republicans alike – to come together and start a dialogue with one another. In Congress alone, we built a coalition of more than 75 members of Congress who have gone on to form their own official Problem Solvers caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. NLF is focused on growing this network beyond Congress – at the state and local levels of government, among business and thought leaders, and into the core of our country with our citizens and college students.

As we continue to build this community of Problem Solvers, we have focused on coalescing our network around a new process for governing through the No Labels National Strategic Agenda. Up until now there has not been a goal-driven process for decision-making. We believe that if leaders can agree to goals first and then work across the aisle together on the policy solutions, that our nation’s most pressing challenges will be addressed more constructively, efficiently, and effectively.

In October, NLF will host the first-ever No Labels Problem Solver Convention in New Hampshire where we will bring together 1,000 undeclared new Hampshire voters, national citizens, state and local leaders, and presidential candidates. The idea is simple: rally our leaders behind a new process for governing based on goals that both sides of the aisle develop together. Between No Labels’ citizen-driven advocacy work and NLF’s complementary efforts to bring our leaders together, we are providing our country with a new problem-solving vision and a new pathway forward.