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Governor Mitch Daniels to Discuss “The Most Predictable Crisis” with No Labels Community

March 13 Town Hall Teleconference Will Address America’s Fiscal Condition and the Broken Budget Process

On Tuesday, March 13 at 11 a.m. eastern time, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels will conduct a town hall teleconference with No Labels members across America to discuss the dire state of America’s finances and ways to fix the current budget crisis. Please email for dial-in information.

“Everyone in Washington knows America's fiscal situation is completely unsustainable, and that it is indeed ‘the most predictable crisis.’ But there aren't enough leaders willing to do something about it,” said Gov. Daniels. “The problem isn't only how much money we spend. It’s also how we spend it.”

"It's clear that gridlock is preventing us from finding common sense solutions to our long-term fiscal problems,” said No Labels Co-Founder Mark McKinnon. "This telephone town hall event is a valuable opportunity for the No Labels community to hear directly from a budget expert with practical experience at both the state and federal levels."

“Governor Daniels knows that balancing a budget requires tough decisions and working across the aisle,” said No Labels Co-Founder Rep. Tom Davis. “This is the type of leadership that No Labels expects from our politicians and I know that our members are eager to speak with Governor Daniels.”

No Labels is a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents dedicated to making our government work again. For dial-in information for this call or to arrange an interview with a No Labels Co-Founder, please contact Sarah Feldman at or (202) 588-1990. To learn more about No Labels, please visit


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