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No Labels Press Release: Washington, Are You Listening?

Washington, Are You Listening?

More than 100,000 Join No Labels Conversation with America to Share Their Stories and Demand Effective Leadership in Washington

September 7, 2011

Washington, D.C. – Last night, during a “Conversation with America” featuring Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, more than 100,000 voters across the nation joined in to let Washington hear their collective voice. The message was clear: Put your labels aside, and put what’s best for America first.

“This is a critical moment in our history,” said Howard Schultz, chairman and ceo of Starbucks. “Americans are frustrated over the hardship being caused as a result of the partisanship, lack of leadership and gridlock consuming Washington.  The status quo must be challenged and a comprehensive bipartisan debt plan is necessary to restore faith in the economy and government.

“No Labels is leading a nationwide movement to encourage cooperation and civility in Washington.  The more energy and communication we can send to our elected representatives, the better chance we have to prevent today's crisis from turning into tomorrow's national emergency."

During the call, No Labels was inundated with calls from disaffected and disenfranchised voters desperate to change the state of politics in America. When asked, 88% of the audience agreed that partisan gridlock is a problem in Washington; and 79% of tonight’s audience said they would feel more positively about the U.S. if Congress passed a bipartisan debt reduction package.  

"The voices we heard on the phones tonight from left, right and center, reaffirmed the core idea that hyper-partisanship is hurting our country because it is stopping us from solving the serious problems we face.  We need to reason together and build on common ground to move America forward,” said John Avlon, a No Labels co-founder. “Our conversation tonight was another step in changing D.C.'s dysfunctional culture.  The two parties may be polarized but the vast majority of the American people are not, and I hope Washington heard us loud and clear.”


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