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Regardless of the religious symbol on the grave headstones above where we place the flag, or the branch of service represented, or the color or race or sex of that fallen hero, we honor them for their courage, their leadership and the unity of purpose they displayed in stepping forward when their country needed them.

"Apathy is the mother of all extremism. When good, well-intentioned people sit on the sidelines — watching politics as though it were a spectator sport or gullibly believing everything they hear — bad things happen to all of us, everywhere," Stephen Goldstein writes. And there's two prongs to your voting strategy that can help get this country moving again ...

We've got a new name. Problem-Solver's Daily is the next evolution of the Daily Dose. It's time for our movement to put our stake in the ground -- we want leaders who solve problems, not punt tough choices.

Democrats and Republicans agree doubling the student loan rate would have a negative effect on students. Republicans want to divert money from a prevention fund created under the new health care law, while Democrats insist on eliminating a tax loophole for certain corporations. Instead of finding room in the middle, the sides have punted -- ever closer to the day when rates would actualy double.

Governors don't know how much money their states will get because of Washington gridlock. This uncertainty limits their ability to start or complete much needed projects. Some of the governors said that Congress could start working better if members knew each other on a more personal level. One way would be by holding monthly bipartisan gatherings, as we suggest in point No. 9 of our Make Congress Work! action plan

GENERAL LACK OF INSPECTORS: There are 73 inspector general posts in this country. But 10 are vacant -- and four have been vacant for the entirety of the Obama administration. The role of an inspector general is to ferret out waste, stop corruption and expose internal wrongdoing. If Congress worked and required an up-or-down vote on presidential appointments within 90 days, these positions would be filled.

This Thursday No Labels is hosting a town hall teleconference at 7 p.m., with Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) to talk about filibuster reform. Then, next Wednesday we will talk with Gov. Jon Huntsman about how to break the gridlock in Washington.

When it works, politics is played between the 40 yard lines -- or that's where most of the action takes place. But when that middle ground is lost and each side is playing inside its own 20, nothing happens.

CAN WASHINGTON GOVERN? That's the question that's been mostly missing from the dialogue surrounding the presidential election so far. But it could be the issue that defines whichever candidate is sworn in in January.

"There is nothing wrong with a frank and honest debate between two visions of our country’s future. But for the foreseeable future, neither party can definitively defeat the other."

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