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David Walker

In today's Problem Solver's Daily, we discuss how the budget conference committee appears to be on the verge of a deal, but there is concern whether it will be able to pass in Congress.

By David M. Walker

December 04, 2013

Friday the 13th has additional significance this year. In addition to being an annual day of caution for superstitious people, it is a deadline date and day of opportunity for the recently appointed joint Senate and House Budget Conference Committee to report its recommendations for the fiscal 2014 budget. Hopefully this committee will not be...

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we talk about the quick results of No Budget, No Pay and the upcoming vote on a continuing resolution in the Senate.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we talk about freshman members of Congress building relationships across the aisle.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we look at a No Labels citizen's view of the elections, how redistricting affects partisanship, and candidates in California embracing the movement.

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we look at the changing composition of Congress, how CEOs can break the gridlock, and support for No Budget, No Pay.

CAMPAIGNING NOT PROBLEM SOLVING: After a long summer recess, the House has cancelled its remaining days in session until election day. They’re coming back next week for just three days, and then heading home to their districts to campaign. Although the House has passed a temporary spending bill to keep the government funded for the next six months, they won’t be in town to work on the many crucial issues in the coming months

WELCOME BACK: Congress returns to Washington today after a five-week recess. With only 13 working days between now and the election, Congress has a lot to get done -- and very little time to do it, Ed O'Keefe writes for The Washington Post. "The stack of must-do work that...

In today's Problem-Solver's Daily, we talk about cracks in the Capitol Dome, the fantasies of the two parties and the importance of action in Washington.

SERIOUS ISSUES: Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has revealed Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate and potential vice president of the United States. Ryan is known for his big plans for the budget, which include large spending cuts and entitlement reform. Now that all the candidates have been chosen, it is time to hear substantive debate over the serious issues facing our...

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