Who will bring america back together... after the most divisive election of our lives?

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Constructing The Peace
After The War

December 5, 2016 | Washington, DC

Now more than ever, America is a divided nation.

After a divisive election, some are elated with the outcome, while others are angry. And many are wondering how our nation can possibly heal after a historically bruising campaign.

This is a moment that will require leadership, not just from our president-elect but also from Congress. This is a moment where leaders must pivot quickly from a hard-fought and divisive campaign to the hard work of governing.

On December 5, No Labels hosted 1787: Constructing the Peace After the War, an event seized the post-election moment and jumpstarted a long overdue national conversation focused on bipartisan problem solving. Watch 1787 here.

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This event enabled leaders to discuss key issues and set a new tone for the country as a new president prepares to take office.

It is time for the permanent campaign—in which our leaders conclude each election by immediately preparing for the next one—to end. 1787 offered a fleeting opportunity for Americans to embrace a new way. To begin the next president’s term focused not on tearing down the other side but on building America up.

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