Day: December 19, 2011

Break the Senate’s nomination logjam

Some of Congress’s most bruising battles today are not about what you might expect — taxes, deficit spending or energy policy. They’re about the Senate’s constitutional responsibility to advise and consent to presidential appointments. The public never hears about most of these political confrontations because they happen behind the scenes. But tactics delay the filling …

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Fix the Filibuster

George Washington once referred to the Senate as the “saucer that cools the tea” — his characterization of a body designed to temper the “hot” legislation passed in the House of Representatives. The framers saw the House as too accommodating of the people’s whims, so they erected what James Madison called a “necessary fence” against …

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WALKER: Washington must face fiscal reality

There is a reason the comptroller general of the United States serves the longest term of appointment in government aside from certain judges, who have lifetime appointments. It’s because the person who is responsible for heading the Government Accountability Office (GAO) plays an essential and nonpartisan role in assessing the federal government’s performance and reporting …

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