Month: April 2020

Five Facts About Government Aid to Small Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic has imperiled thousands of small businesses. The government is providing billions of dollars to help, sometimes stirring controversy. By government definition, “small businesses” can have up to 1,500 employees. The Small Business Administration (SBA) says that depending on the industry, a small business can have “a maximum of 250 employees or a maximum of …

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Five Facts about Epidemiological Models

Researchers rely on various epidemiological models to predict the way pathogens such as the coronavirus might spread in given areas. Different models can produce strikingly different numbers on how many people might fall ill and die, because they’re based on frequently changing facts and assumptions. Numerous models worldwide make different projections about the coronavirus’ spread. …

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No Labels Podcast

To stop the virus, save lives and get Americans back to work, we need millions of citizens and government leaders to embrace No Labels politics of problem solving. Tune in to Gridlock Break every week to hear the most insightful, nonpartisan and critically important discussions on the coronavirus crisis between elected leaders, public health and …

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