Day: October 29, 2021

Infrastructure Vote Delayed… Again.

In the wake of the House infrastructure vote being pulled at the last minute — again — four things seem clear. Hostage-taking is Being Rewarded: A decade ago, most commentators correctly denounced Tea Party members of Congress for holding hostage spending bills and the debt ceiling to try to force action on their completely unrelated partisan priorities. Now, …

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Five Facts on Budget Reconciliation

There has been considerable coverage of efforts by President Biden and congressional Democrats to enact Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda through the budget reconciliation process, but little about what reconciliation actually is. Here are five facts on budget reconciliation. The budget reconciliation process was created by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. Reconciliation grew out …

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Infrastructure Delayed Again as Progressives Defy Pelosi

Here we are again. The infrastructure vote has been delayed again as a chunk of the Progressive Caucus  refused to vote for the bill — which they support — until the Democratic social spending package is also brought to a vote. This time, Speaker Pelosi urged progressives not to “embarrass” the President on the eve …

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