800 No Labels Citizen Leaders Rally on Capitol Hill Calling on Congress to Govern or Go Home!

Echoing the call in President Trump’s joint address for the parties to “get together and unite for the good of our country,” 800 No Labels citizen district leaders from all 50 states, along with members of the Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus, will assemble on Capitol Hill Thursday to demand both parties “Fix Not Fight.”

The overwhelming majority of Americans want members of Congress to work together to pass legislation that tackles our nation’s toughest challenges. This rally jumpstarts a year of action in building a more united and stronger path forward for our country. The Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus, which features dozens of House members from both political parties, is helping to lead this effort and plans to play a key role in bridging the partisan divide in Washington.


9:15 AM Steps of the Capitol Building (South East side, House Steps)

WHAT: Media photo and interview opportunities with No Labels citizen leaders and Members of the Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus

The citizen leaders, hailing from all 50 states, are in town for the No Labels National Problem Solvers Conference. On Wednesday, March 1, they took part in a day of business and planning meetings focused on organizing and growing the No Labels movement within their communities. On Thursday, March 2, they will take to Capitol Hill. Adorned in their “Fix Not Fight” t-shirts, they will rally on the Capitol steps before heading to meetings with their respective members of Congress.


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