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About Us

A United Front

American leaders and citizens must declare their freedom from the anger and divisiveness that are ruining our politics and most importantly, our country. A United Front.

We must recommit to the fundamental beliefs that have historically united Americans and provided a common understanding of who we are and where we hope to go.

Here are the enduring beliefs that guide No Labels– beliefs that we hope will once again guide the political and policy choices of our leaders.

  • Feeling politically homeless?
  • Tired of the extremes on the left and the right?
  • Looking for common sense solutions for all of American problems?

Too many Americans feel politically homeless today. Independent thinkers—citizens who skew to the left on some issues and hew to the right on others—rarely feel comfortable as members of either of our two major parties. After all, until not so long ago, both the Democratic and Republican parties tried to maintain “big tents.” But that’s since changed—and to remarkable effect.

Consider the impact on America’s ability to solve big problems. During the decades when the two major parties each welcomed a broad diversity of views, legislators in both parties were able to find kindred spirits in the other. Elected officials opposed to one another on some issues might be able to work collaboratively on others. When push came to shove—when the nation faced a big challenge—our leaders could unify.

Now, that is gone. Legislators in both parties have become more extreme. Leaders are more inclined to marginalize independent thinkers than reach out to them. And that’s curtailed the inclination members of both parties had to work across the aisle. And worsening political tribalism isn’t limited to legislative chambers and town meetings. It’s is breaking up families and friendships. And that , at root, is why our politics doesn’t work anymore.

It’s not that we all used to agree on everything—American politics has always been rough and tumble. But the values that united our country were generally stronger than the disagreements that divided the nation’s citizens. That spirit of comity has since been replaced by a vicious cycle. As elected officials listen to the extremes, the rest of us are inclined to tune out. When we do, elected officials pay even more attention to the extremes. And around it goes, leaving many now with the impression that the two parties and their core supporters are living on different planets.

  • Fighting the extremes since 2010
  • No Labels created the House Problem Solvers Caucus
  • Creating a Unity ticket to run for president if the two major parties select candidates the vast majority of Americans don’t want to vote for in 2024.

Since 2009, when the Tea Party arrived, No Labels has been focused exclusively on reversing that vicious cycle. We aren’t a third partybut we are creating a powerful force capable of countering the influence of the extremes on both sides. From the start, we’ve known that this isn’t the sort of challenge that lends itself to simple solutions. Reorienting our politics and reclaiming our problem solving tradition requires sustained effort on a number of different fronts. And while our mission is far from complete, we’ve by now developed a track record of success.

No Labels created the House Problem Solvers Caucus, the group responsible in large part for rescuing a thought-to-be-dead COVID relief package back in the last weeks of the Trump administration, and then for ensuring that the bipartisan infrastructure framework was not held hostage by House leadership in 2021. And we’ve made similar inroads in the Senate where we’re working with a number of allies—Joe Manchin (D-WV), Susan Collins (R-ME), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), among others—to build a bicameral bridge between Democrats and Republicans.

Now, our efforts are extending on several additional fronts. As described in David Brooks’ recent New York Times column, we’re creating a Unity ticket to run in 2024 if the two parties select unreasonably divisive presidential nominees. We’re crafting a compelling Unity policy agenda that we know the majority of Americans can rally around. And we’re investing in the creation of a massive “voter file” of citizens who will support leaders courageous enough to speak truth to partisanship.

  • We’re intellectually open
  • We’re about solutions
  • We’re spry and indefatigable

How we’re different: in the end, three things distinguish the No Labels movement from the rest of the pack. First, we’re intellectually open—we want to hear peoples’ ideas, particularly from those who feel iced out from the loudest and angriest voices in the Democratic and Republican parties. Second, we’re about solutions. We believe that the most effective answers to the nation’s big challenges—national security, economic growth, energy security, crime, education and more—will be born from commonsense solutions.

Finally, we’re spry and indefatigable. We may not have the institutional grounding that keeps the parties plodding along—but we’re deeply connected to the growing swath of Americans who don’t fit comfortably under either narrow tent. We believe America already boasts everything it needs to thrive. But to harness all that potential—to make the most of our shared future—our leaders will need to cultivate the nation’s desire for problem solving. No Labels will not stop until we get there, together.

Our Beliefs

We care about this country more than the demands of any political party.

Healthy disagreement is a good thing in our democracy. Principled debate leads to a better understanding on both sides and leads to better legislation and governance for the nation.

Political leaders need to listen more to the majority of Americans and less to extremists on the far left and right.

According to Gallup, only 16% of Americans consider themselves “very conservative” or “very liberal.” But in our polarized political climate, the most prominent voices are often found the farthest from the center.

We are grateful to live in a country where we can openly disagree with other people.

Our First Amendment right to voice our opinions, even if others don’t agree with them, is fundamental to who we are as Americans.

America isn’t perfect, but we love this country and would not want to live anyplace else.

The road to a more perfect Union isn’t a smooth one, and America has dark episodes in our history. But what carries forward is the love we have for the ideal of America, and the belief that things can, and will, get better if we work together to make them so.

We can still love and respect people who do not share our political opinions.

We are Democrats, Republicans, and independents, with different political opinions. Sometimes, we have serious disagreements over policies. But one thing we all share is a commitment to respect those differences, and to find areas of common ground so we can move the country forward.

We support, and are grateful for, the U.S. military.

At No Labels, we are unendingly thankful for our men and women in uniform who wake up every day to keep the world safe. The American people agree.

These beliefs are the foundation upon which we must rebuild our country. We seek to restore America's faith that democracy remains the best means to bring out the good in every one of us, thus ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Had enough of the angriest voices dominating our politics?

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