Arizona – Sentari Minor

Arizona – Sentari Minor

With a career that has covered private industry strategy, social impact consulting and political engagement, Sentari Minor has done his share of corporate and policy development. As vice president of strategy and chief of staff for an industry-leading behavioral health company, evolvedMD, he is passionate about bringing the best out of people, companies and communities.

Phoenix-born and Midwest-educated, he was selected as a member of the “40 Under 40” list by the Phoenix Business Journal in 2022 for his positive impact on business and the community. He taps his expertise in corporate strategy, organizational leadership and brand building in his role as co-chair of No Labels in Arizona.

Sentari, who identifies as an independent, was once a member of the Young Republicans but says that, like so many other Americans, he now feels like a political refugee from the two main parties, which he says don’t reflect the views of most Americans. The gridlock between the parties has also become debilitating for the country and raises concern for him.

“Political infighting, with no end and no solution and nobody talking, is frustrating to watch,” says Sentari, who is most concerned about the nation’s youth and the government’s inability to be fiscally responsible.

It’s that acrimony that, he says, makes No Labels so important.

No Labels plan to put up a Unity ticket in 2024 hits home with Sentari. “We need viable and sustaining third choices, if the parties don’t have meaningful and viable candidates,” says Sentari.