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Five Facts on Police Reform Proposals

1. Democrats, but not Republicans, would end “qualified immunity” for police officers. The legal doctrine of qualified immunity prevents individual police officers from facing civil lawsuits except in very rare circumstances. The Democrats’ reform bill would end qualified immunity for police officers. Congressional Republicans have suggested that police departments, but not individual officers, face civil liability in instances of officer …

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Five Facts on Bipartisan Infrastructure Proposals

While President Biden’s plan would broadly allocate $52 billion to manufacturing, Congress has considered support for specific sectors. The president’s plan would appropriate $52 billion to modernize manufacturing supply chains; invest in capital access programs; and create new finance programs to support debt and equity investments. An earlier bill that focuses on the energy sector, S. 622, …

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Five Facts On Inflation

Inflation has been low in the U.S. for decades. But amid a rebounding economy and a new burst of spending from Washington, some economists are raising concern about the prospect of rising prices. Here are five facts on inflation: The Federal Reserve defines inflation as the “increase in the prices of goods and services over time.” …

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