Beyond the Partisan Headlines

Beyond the Partisan Headlines

If you were tuned in to the 24-hour news cycle recently, you saw headline after headline about former President Donald Trump and Hunter Biden being convicted of crimes. Many major media outlets offered second-to-second updates of what was happening in the courthouses in New York and Delaware.

For some people, the courtroom dramas were appointment viewing. For the commonsense majority, though? They were a distraction from the real issues we really care about.

Every headline breathlessly describing what was happening in court was taking space away from having serious conversations about the biggest challenges facing America – from the continuing border security and immigration crisis to the ongoing economic struggles of everyday Americans.

Poll after poll shows that these are the issues voters say are most important to them. In comparison, the legal sagas of former President Trump and Hunter Biden rank near the bottom.

The political media are making a simple calculation – that covering divisive topics like these trials to get the attention of the most partisan and devoted audience is better for business.

That’s why No Labels is so important. We’re not interested in salacious scandals. We’re all about bringing together voices from both sides of the aisle who just want to work out a solution to the challenges we face together.

Whether it’s our No Labels Talks podcast or our Common Sense policy ideas, we’re focused on elevating voices and ideas that can speak with authority on the issues at the top of most Americans’ minds, and giving our audience the chance to see what America can accomplish when we focus on coming together to solve our biggest problems.

Let's change the channel on the divisiveness and tune into real solutions – because when we focus on what truly matters, America wins every time.