Bipartisan Solution to Government Division

Call me an optimist, but I feel we have the intelligence to solve all the big problems confronting our country — the deficit, energy, education, immigration, etc.

Unfortunately, we have to use this intelligence, and our government doesn't seem to be doing this. Our political leaders are more polarized and ideologically driven than ever before.

Thankfully, the great majority of voters seem to “get it.” Polls show Americans are fed up with this kind of behavior. They are well aware of our finger pointing, we/they Congress.

Then how can you, the average voter, address this problem when a vote for either party is a vote for one of two sharply divided parties causing the problem?

The answer may lie with a citizen movement started in December 2010, initially encompassing 1,000 people nationally, today numbering over 100,000 and headed to an expected million-plus members in 2012. I am referring to the No Labels Movement.

This group's objective is simple: Put pressure on Congress to act in a bipartisan way — to compromise, to negotiate — and “bring everyone to the table and put everything on the table.”

This is the only way to address the critical problems we face with real solutions.

If anyone is interested in a practical, functional, common-sense approach to the future, go to and learn more. Our country needs all of us to be involved. Party-line politics won't get it done unless we show our leaders our discontent.

Al E. Smith


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