United the House and Senate: The Bicameral

When No Labels Founding Chairman Joe Lieberman was in the Senate, he would often join bipartisan “gangs” of senators—usually including his close friends Senators John McCain and Susan Collins—to break logjams on tough issues like judicial nominations and immigration. But in recent years, this bipartisan tradition—like so many others—fell by the wayside.

So much as we had in the House, No Labels began a focused effort to bring together a bipartisan group of senators. Then, No Labels took it a step further. In early 2019, we hosted a meeting the likes of which no one had ever seen before.

We brought House Problem Solvers Caucus and Senate members—from both parties—together to talk about where they could find common ground. This “bicameral” meeting was so unusual in fact, that one of the senators remarked, “The House and Senate are 100 yards apart but we may as well be 100 miles apart given how little we talk to one another.”

Fast forward to today, and No Labels’ bicamerals—which are now conducted monthly via ZOOM—have become much more than a meeting. They’ve become the place where an entirely new approach to governance is being born. A place where rank-and-file members, frustrated by the breakdown of regular order and the refusal of their own leaders to compromise, are taking the initiative to forge their own solutions.

Even amid the worsening divisions in our politics, in 2021 and 2022, this bipartisan House-Senate alliance built by No Labels managed to lead passage of the biggest infrastructure bill in sixty years, the first gun safety bill in 30 years and major legislation to invest in U.S. innovation and counter communist China.


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