A budget this year?

By No Labels
January 21, 2013 | Blog

A BUDGET THIS YEAR? Sen. Chuck Schumer says that the Senate will pass a budget this year. This is the first step, but now we need leaders more than ever. A budget can’t be a Democratic budget or a Republican budget. It can’t be a House budget or a Senate budget. It has to be an American budget — one that gets across-the-aisle support from both houses and both parties: Kate Nocera for POLITICO: Schumer: Senate will pass a budget this year

HOSTILE RELATIONSHIP: “As President Obama begins his second term, he faces a difficult, if familiar, conundrum: Much of the ambitious agenda he has laid out for the next four years requires action from a sometimes hostile Congress,” writes Rosalind Helderman. Congress and the White House should have learned their lesson the last four years that choosing political point scoring over problem solving hurts the country: Rosalind Helderman for The Washington Post: Despite inaugural respite, more fights lay ahead for Obama and Congress

PARTY TRUMPING COUNTRY: Leonard Pitts says that our government is a train wreck. More specifically, “our politics are not simply polarized, they are poisonous. Left has seceded from right, fact has seceded from media, compromise has seceded from negotiation, pragmatism has seceded from legislation. We play a zero-sum game where party trumps country,” he writes. He also says that No Labels can be part of the solution: Leonard Pitts for The Columbus Dispatch: No Labels hopes to get government working

SENATORS PUTTING ASIDE LABELS: Check out this list of Senators who this writer thinks are proving bipartisanship is alive: John Giokaris for PolicyMic: 10 Senators Who Are Actually Proving Bipartisanship is Alive and Well in Congress

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: Watch this video about some Democrats and Republicans having ‘purple relationships.’ At least they know how to work across the aisle: purplestates.tv for The Wall Street Journal: Strange Bedfellows-When Democrats Wed Republicans

THE DAILY BREAK: With the inauguration today, what are some of the firsts in inauguration history? Benny Johnson for Buzzfeed: 24 Delightful Inauguration Firsts

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STAT OF THE DAY: The Senate is planning to draft a budget this year. They see it as an opportunity to push for additional tax revenue through tax reform, since the fiscal cliff deal contained only $600 billion in new revenue, as compared to President Obama’s goal of $1.6 trillion: Lori Montgomery for The Washington Post: Senate Democrats’ budget plan will reopen battle over taxes

Written & edited by Kelsey McLaughlinCollin BerglundLauren Gilbert and Jack McCullough

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