Yesterday, No Labels Radio had on-air former US Comptroller General David Walker and Clarine Nardi Riddle, Chief of Staff to Senator Joe Lieberman. Hosted by No Labels founders Nancy Jacobson and Mark McKinnon, the radio show focused on the serious federal budget problems facing our federal government.

As the US Comptroller General for ten years under both President Bush and Clinton, Walker offers a unique perspective to understand the “highly complicated, complex and confusing issues” that Congress is currently dealing with. Walker said he is “cautiously optimistic” that our government will be able to reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and start putting our federal finances in order. He stressed the fact that the government is overspending by $4 billion a day, an unsustainable figure. In order to fix the problem, Walker says, “We need to treat the disease, not the symptom,” and fix the long term budget, not just the debt ceiling.

Walker highlighted bipartisan groups such as the Gang of Six (or Five) and the Biden Group, citing their potential to create a plan that Congress can agree on. For now, he said, what’s most important is getting everyone to the table, which is why No Labels’ “No Deal, No Break” campaign is so important. Walker’s personal prescriptions for the budget included reeling in spending as well as comprehensive tax reform to broaden the tax base and close loopholes. Lastly, he said that when Congress does come to an agreement, they need to include enforcement measures, not just make empty promises.

Next on the show, Clarine Nardi Riddle joined No Labels to give an inside view of what’s happening in the Senate this week. She stressed just how deeply hyper-partisanship is affecting the agency of Senators because party interests have taken over. She reminded citizens that it’s extremely important to contact your representative and let them know what’s important to you. The voices of the extremes have drowned out the majority because the sensible center is less vocal.

Mark McKinnon ended the show by entreating our government to “stop the fighting, and start fixing.”