AS THE FISCAL CLIFF TURNSAll remains quiet in Washington as lawmakers are at home getting ready for Thanksgiving even as huge problems lie ahead. Washington is abuzz with theories about whether a deal is likely — and whether a pricey red wine and pleasant birthday wishes from President Barack Obama to Speaker John Boehner are signs that they can work together on a deal. Stay tuned to the continuing drama to find out.
NORQUIST'S 'MAJORITY' GONE: Grover Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform, might not have the same influence over the 113th Congress that he has had over the past few, according to The Hill. Norquist asks lawmakers to take a pledge not to raise taxes. Recently, more lawmakers have been renouncing the pledge and new members have not been taking it. Pledges prevent lawmakers from putting everything on the table in serious negotiations — and our leaders should take no pledge but their formal oath of office: Officer James Capoot for the Daily Republic: Congressional anti-tax pledge loses favor
INFRASTRUCTURE BANK: On Friday, Republican Governor Chris Christie, alongside Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, announced New Jersey's Infrastructure Bank to reconstruct post-Sandy New Jersey. That's exactly the kind of cooperation our country needs more of, not only in response to disasters but also in response to some of our country's biggest problems.
STOP FIGHTING: Citizens across the country are calling for our leaders to stop fighting and start fixing. Many are taking it to their local newspapers. "We have to use our energy to work together," Bonnie Schlagel writes in the Times Beacon Record. You can spread the word and write a letter to the editor of your newspaper too.Bonnie Schlagel for the Times Beacon Record: Stop fighting, start fixing
THE DAILY BREAK: Capitol Hill can be a confusing place at first. One new Republican lawmaker watched House Speaker Nancy Pelosi enter his meeting before realizing he was in the wrong caucus. Read more here.
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STAT OF THE DAY: As Congress races to finish a postal service reform bill, the United States Postal Service announced a $15.9 billion loss in fiscal year 2012.Bernie Becker for The Hill: Lawmakers scramble to finish postal service fix

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