MORE TIME TOGETHER: Sen. Angus King says that elected officials could be more productive if they spent more time together, as proposed in our Make Congress Work! action plan. "It sounds frivolous to say where congressmen spend their weekends matters, but I really think it does. And I think it is part of the problem in the current Congress. It is really easy to demonize your opposition if you don’t know them," he says. King also says that Congress needs to start having five-day workweeks: Mario Trujillo for The Hill: Sen. King seeks to court allies

HUNTSMAN ON ANDREA MITCHELL: No Labels Honorary Co-Chair Jon Huntsman was on Andrea Mitchell Reports this week talking about the future of No Labels. “No Labels is about bringing Republicans and Democrats together and finding ways to solve problems. We’ve just launched 24 members of Congress and we’ll have 75 to 80 by the end of the year who pledge in their deliberations to meet regularly, to put country before party, to govern for future generations as opposed to the next election cycle, to tell the American people the truth and to work together," he says: Cathy Finkler for MSNBC: Huntsman: ‘Our nation works better when we have a viable two-party system’
LISTEN: No Labels Co-Founder Lisa Borders was on The Jerry Doyle Show to discuss problem solving. "We are bringing pragmatic solutions to the table, organizing citizens and providing a safe space to talk about solutions," she says. You can listen to the entire interview here: No Labels: Co-Founder Lisa Borders on Talk Radio Network
COVERAGE: Here is a list of some of the best press we received for the Meeting to Make America Work!No Labels Blog: Coverage of the Meeting to Make America Work!
THE DAILY BREAK: Auto manufacturers are entering the world of driverless cars: Abby Hagelage for The Daily Beast: Google, Audi, Toyota, and the Brave New World of Driverless Cars
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STAT OF THE DAY: The World Bank has lowered its estimate of global economic growth from 3 percent to 2.4 percent, due in part to continued fiscal instability in the United States: Howard Schneider for The Washington Post: World Bank trims growth forecast

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