New Democrat Coalition Members Oppose Speaker Ryan’s Plan to Repeal ACA; Seek Bipartisan Compromise

By Sam Boswell
January 13, 2017 | Blog

Via the New Democrat Coalition:

On January 13, 30 New Democrat Coalition Members sent a letter to Speaker Ryan strongly opposing his plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Access to lifesaving health care is not a partisan issue, and any improvements to the ACA will only occur through bipartisan cooperation.

Instead of repealing the ACA, New Dems urge Speaker Ryan to work across the aisle to make constructive improvements to expand access to regular care to even more people.

Beyond the direct benefits of expanded coverage, a healthy workforce enables entrepreneurs to start new businesses without worrying about access to health care coverage.

January 13, 2017

The Honorable Paul Ryan
Speaker of the House of Representatives
H-232, The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Speaker Ryan,

As Members of the New Democrat Coalition with a demonstrated commitment to working across the aisle to improve the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we write to express our strong opposition to plans to repeal the law. Repealing the law will have immediate effects that will lead to higher costs, less access, and lower quality care for Americans across the country. Access to lifesaving health care is not a partisan issue, and any changes to the Affordable Care Act should reflect this shared value of ours through a commitment to bipartisan dialogue.

Repealing the ACA threatens to interrupt care, price millions of Americans out of their health insurance, and have far-reaching consequences that will destabilize markets for all Americans, regardless of how they access health care coverage. Not only will this jeopardize access to health care for those who need it most, the anticipated burden of uncompensated care costs will cripple health care providers’ ability to meet the needs of their communities.

Instead of repealing, we are open to working with you to make constructive improvements to the Affordable Care Act that reduce health care costs for families and seniors, invest in prevention, increase choices for consumers, streamline regulations, reduce burdens for small businesses, and encourage participation by the young and healthy. We believe there are productive changes that can be made to improve the Affordable Care Act without compromising the critical protections our constituents depend on. We can’t go back to a time when preexisting conditions made a person uninsurable, when women were charged more for insurance than men, and when seniors had to pay out of pocket for prescription drugs because of the “donut hole.”

We hope that you will take these factors into consideration and work with Members from both parties to responsibly work towards the goal of high quality, affordable health coverage for every American.


Scott Peters

Kathleen Rice

Kurt Schrader

Cheri Bustos

André Carson

Joaquin Castro

Gerald E. Connolly

Jim Costa

Jim Cooper

Charlie Crist

Henry Cuellar

John K. Delaney

Suzan DelBene

Elizabeth H. Esty

Bill Foster

Colleen Hanabusa

Denny Heck

Jim Himes

Derek Kilmer

Ron Kind

Ann McLane Kuster

Rick Larsen

Sean Patrick Maloney

Tom O’Halleran

Stacey Plaskett

Mike Quigley

Cedric Richmond

Brad Schneider

David Scott

Darren Soto

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