OPINION | Our Congressman is a Problem Solver. What's a Vermonter to do?

By Rosalie Fox, Vermont State Leader
July 7, 2017 | Blog

Written by Rosalie Fox, contributor for No Labels Vermont.

We’re lucky in Vermont. Our sole Congressman, Peter Welch, is an active member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, and he continues to work across the aisle to find common ground. Senator Leahy has a long history of bipartisan efforts. And Bernie — well, Bernie is Bernie, pushing a progressive agenda to change our national priorities. So, what can we do, as Vermont supporters of No Labels, when our members of Congress either seek or would welcome working with the other political party?


Here’s what Peter Welch advises: let him know that you’re proud that he puts “country before party” (No Labels’ slogan) as a promoter of bipartisanship! And do the same with Pat and Bernie. Our elected officials need to know that we have their backs. That we value their courage and their resolve to govern responsibly. Pat them on the back and, when needed, tell them to do more (without giving up their core values, of course).


All’s well in Vermont. However, it’s not in other states. Here’s how, as a No Labels supporter, you can make a difference nationwide:


  1. Contact family and friends who live in others states and urge them to (a) praise members of Congress who seek bipartisanship and (b) push those who resist or put up roadblocks to change their modus operandi.
  2. Send family and friends articles about No Labels that mention their member(s) of Congress – and then urge family and friends to take the appropriate action. Post these articles, with your comments, on Facebook, etc.
  3. Wear your No Labels t-shirt or pin when visiting the offices — whether in D.C. or in the district — of your members of Congress. Our t-shirts and pins are powerful symbols that show that you value problem solving (and they should, too)!
  4. Attend a No Labels conference or online meeting to learn from experts in their fields. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or politically unaffiliated, you’re welcomed into the No Labels fold!
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