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No Labels Weekly Talking Points June 10-14

By Emma Petasis
June 14, 2019 | Blog

These are some of the talking points No Labels is sending to members this week.

  1. Be wary of misleading data regarding support for impeachment.
  • Some recent polls may be exaggerating Democratic voters’ support for impeaching President Trump. This could complicate Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to hold down impeachment fever.
  • It’s important to note a poll’s exact wording to determine its value. For instance, a recent CNN poll generated headlines by saying 76 percent of America’s Democrats favor impeachment. But a Marist/NPR/PBS poll concluded that only 36 percent of Democrats favor impeachment.
  • People who strongly dislike Trump are likely to jump at any chance to say he should be “removed from office.” But many people do not know the current Republican-controlled Senate would not convict and remove Trump even if the House impeached him. In fact, the Senate vote wouldn’t come close to the required two-thirds majority.
  • Trump could use a Senate acquittal to claim “vindication” and “witch hunt” in his 2020 re-election campaign. Pelosi knows this, which is why she’s trying to quell impeachment talk.
  • A more telling and useful poll would have asked something like: “Would you favor the House impeaching Trump even if it’s highly likely the Senate would acquit him, and he’d remain in office”?

Bottom line: Thus far, most House Democrats are sticking with Pelosi. But headlines from polls such as CNN’s serve to muddy the waters, confuse the public, and complicate her efforts.


Bottom line: This is something to keep an eye on.

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