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No Labels-Harris Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Public Supports Problem Solvers Caucus Plan to Enhance Gun Safety and Prevent Mass Violence

By No Labels
April 2, 2018 | Blog

In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland Fl, in February, the U.S. Congress, as well as state governments, have put a renewed focus on measures to enhance gun safety and prevent acts of mass violence.

The American public clearly supports this focus.

Recently, the House Problem Solvers Caucus offered a four-point proposal on gun safety. Their ideas included:

  • Enhancing the background check system for gun purchases

  • Better preparedness (anonymous reporting system, improvements to infrastructure, and training) for schools during a threat of violence

  • Immediate notification system for schools to alert law enforcement during emergencies

  • Increased funding for mental health programs

The No Labels-Harris Poll, conducted from March 27-29 among 2,039 U.S. adults, found an overwhelming 86% support for this proposal. This poll finding is consistent with other public polling that finds significant support—among all demographic groups and political affiliations—for legislation to enhance gun safety.

In the No Labels-Harris Poll, 90% of Democrats, 82% of Republicans and 85% of independents supported this four-point proposal. Among age groups, support for the proposal was strongest among those 65 and older (94%) and among women over 65 in particular (97%).

Amid this overwhelming public support, it might seem congressional action is a sure thing, but guns continue to be a singularly contentious issue, and many previous bipartisan gun safety measures have been proposed and failed. The American public clearly hopes this time will be different.

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