Write a Letter to the Editor or an Op-ed

Check with your local news outlets, but generally speaking:



Letters to the editor should pertain to a topic that is currently in the news; many refer specifically to an article that has recently appeared in the newspaper whose editor you are writing to.

Here are some samples of recent Letters to the Editor from No Labels citizens:

Marty Finnegan of Madison, WI

David Steil of Bristol, PA


Opinion editorials are also referred to as “guest commentary,” or simply as “opinion” pieces. The name oped is actually short for “opposite editorial” since that was the traditional physical location – opposite the Editorial Page – where guest commentaries appeared in print newspapers.

The best opeds contain a “hook” to a current news story or a local news maker (an individual who makes news…most often a public official or politician of some kind – we recommend using your U.S. Congressman/woman or U.S. Senators as your “hook”).

Check out a recent Op-ed written by one of our business leaders, Allan Keen, for the Orlando Sentinel here.

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