No Labels Statement in Response to Illegally Leaked Emails

By No Labels

November 27, 2018


No Labels’ singular focus is to break Washington gridlock by bringing political leaders together to solve our nation’s toughest problems. Unfortunately, illegally leaked emails are being used to create a false, deceptive narrative in an effort to undermine our work.

Throughout the 2018 election cycle, No Labels and its allies worked tirelessly and independently to elect Problem Solvers of both parties to Congress.  In all, this entailed raising and spending more than $8 million to support 17 Democrats and more than $7 million to support an equal number of Republicans.  Many of these lawmakers are now leading the charge to implement the Break the Gridlock rules reforms so essential to fixing our broken Congress.  If enacted, these reforms will create an opening for bipartisan solutions on critical issues such as healthcare, immigration, and infrastructure.

No Labels is proud to support these bold leaders.