Problem Solvers Hangout

By No Labels
April 23, 2013 | Blog


Problem Solver Reps. Ami Bera, David Cicilline, Rodney Davis and Adam Kinzinger joined us Wednesday for a Google+ hangout with No Labels supporters moderated by Co-Founder Jonathan Miller.

The Problem Solvers group is the only place in Washington where lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are coming together to talk solutions.

All four members of Congress emphasized the need for our leaders to work together to address today’s substantive issues and make Congress work the way it’s supposed to. To them, No Labels offers a unique opportunity for leaders in Washington to come together and find common political ground.

“When we have a stalemate, we don’t progress. When we work together we do,” Rep. Kinzinger said.

They also stressed that ordinary citizens need to help hold their members of Congress accountable and encourage them to join the growing group of Problem Solvers.

“We need your help to send a message to Congress that Congress needs to work together,” Rep. Davis said.

While each of the representatives has a different political philosophy, the four were united in their frustration they feel because of the gridlock in Washington and their desire to see Congress work together on the budget, immigration, national defense and tax reform.

“I ran on wanting to work across the aisle and wanting to compromise. We’re here to govern,” Rep. Bera said.

If you missed the livestream Wednesday, check it out above.

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