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No Labels Radio - 2018 Vision

By No Labels
September 5, 2017 | Radio

You know what they say, midterms are just around the corner. Despite being more than a year away from election day, Republicans and Democrats are already making plans for the 2018 midterm elections. Co-hosts A.B. Stoddard (RealClearPolitics), Frank Sesno, and Sasha Borowsky (No Labels Chief of Staff) talk with Heidi Pryzbyla (USA Today) and Kevin Kondik (Sabatos Crystal Ball) about the upcoming midterms and what challenges each party faces as they go into 2018. Our co-hosts also discuss the 2020 election and who the Democrats will possibly run. No Labels Radio airs every Saturday morning at 10:00 am ET on SiriusXM POTUS Channel 124.

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